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Silver Medal for Superior Service - Presented by Gov. Whitman, Administrator of USEPA (2002) -" For inventing a new automotive powertrain that will deliver unprecendented environmental benefits and which is now being targeted by a major automobile company for commercialization." 

Bronze Medal for Commendable Service (2003) - " For developing an Agency-wide novel approach used in forming public-private partnerships that bring environmental solutions to the general public."

Bronze Medal for Commendable Service (2001) - "For Distinguished Service in Promoting the Development and Commercialization of Innovative Environmental Technologies through the Federal Technology Transfer Act of 1986."

Bronze Medal for Commendable Service (2000) - "For Developing, in conjunction with Industry, Spray Drift Assessment Tools and Methods which Facilitate Pesticide Labeling resulting in Reduced Off-Site Drift of Pesticides."

Bronze Medal for Commendable Service (1998) - " For distinguished service in promoting the development and commercialization of innovative environmental technologies through the President's National Technology Initiative."

Bronze Medal for Commendable Service (1997) - " In Recognition of the Outstanding Accomplishment in the Implementation of the Remediation Technologies Development Forum and the Novel Approach Used in Forming Public-Private Partnerships."

Bronze Medal for Commendable Service (1989) - " For Outstanding and Innovative Scientific Achievement in the Development of Regulations for Municipal Sewage Sludge Use and Disposal."

Bronze Medal for Commendable Service (1988) - "In Recognition of an Outstanding Accomplishment of a novel approach used in assessments of chemical hazards in the utilization or disposal of municipal sewage sludge."

Federal Laboratory Consortium Award Representative of the Year (1993)