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         Future Enviroassets, LLC is an international environmental consulting firm whose mission is providing professional expertise and guidance to maximize the environmental and economical benefits of its clients worldwide. Our vision is to secure our environment in a sustainable and economic manner, including turning environmental liabilities into environmental assets.


 Provides specialized environmental and sustainability consulting for business and government

 With  20+ years work experience at the US EPA, we bridge the crevasse between standard Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) compliance and principles of environmental, social and corporate sustainability

 Help enterprises transition from a regulatory compliance model to a sustainability paradigm, where waste elimination and pollution prevention improve performance and reduce costs. This can be done while meeting or exceeding command and control environmental compliance standards.




·        EH&S Compliance Auditing and Permitting

·        Environmental and Sustainability Analysis and Training

·        Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

·        Pollution Prevention

·        Corporate Social Responsibility


You can contact us at: 

EMAIL  lf@futureenviroassets.com

PHONE (513) 349-3844